Writing an authentic research paper is a tough task that requires lots of hard work, in-depth knowledge, and expertise. Many students find that despite putting in sincere efforts, their papers get rejected due to certain mistakes. The following are some common mistakes that students tend to make
while writing their research papers, and how to fix them.

Choosing the wrong topic

Sometimes students do not put any effort into selecting their topic, which is evident from the rest of the paper. It is important to choose a topic that you are interested in, as it will ensure that you put in 100% of your efforts

Unclear hypothesis

The research paper is entirely based on the hypothesis, proving it to be either true or false. If the hypothesis is unclear, the paper will likely be rejected. Hence, it is important to describe your hypothesis in clear, concise terms.

Grammatical errors

Grammatical errors reflect poorly on the writer. These indicate a lack of attention and effort, and leave a negative impression on the reviewer. You should always proofread the paper twice or thrice after finishing it. Use spell checkers but do not rely on them fully.

Lack of proper research

Research is a crucial step while writing a research paper. All papers require the writer to back up their statements with proper data and information. Hence, it is important to do proper research while writing a research paper.

Improper citation of sources

Proper credit must be given for all data and references used within a research paper, as that allows the reviewer to verify the veracity of your data. Papers which do not do the same will surely be rejected.


A paper, if plagiarized in part or whole, will be rejected easily. You are allowed to extract some information from other sources (with proper credits given), but your content must be written in your own words.

Keeping these tips in mind while writing your paper will ensure you write a flawless paper that will easily be approved.

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